You will be trained and assessed in 5 of the following modules: 

Module/Unit 1: Ability to comprehend a map index, read a map and locate streets or places on a map 
Module/Unit 2: Route selection (Local) 
Module/Unit 3: Route selection (Intermediate) 
Module/Unit 4: Route selection (Long distance) 
Module/Unit 5: General Topography 

You should be able to read, write and listen in English.

You should have the capability to search for roads, stations, airports, ports and hospitals in and around London using the A-Z Map Book.

You have to know the 4 essential compass focuses – North, South, East and West.

You have to know the counties boarding London – e.g. Essex, Berkshire, Surrey etc.

You have to know the motorways that come off M25 – e.g. M4, M1, M11, M40.

You should have the ability to plan your journey route from town to town, short journeys, intermediate journeys and long distance journeys - e.g Southall to Hounslow - London to Heathrow - London to Oxford.

You have to know which motorway you would use to get to which town – for instance you may be requested that which motorway reaches Southampton? (M3)


These are one of the significant requirements for your PCO Licence application is that you can plan routes and read the A2Z map book. Once you have demonstrated this you will be issued with a Topographical pass certificate which you will need to apply for your PCO Licence.   With our training we can guarantee you a pass and if for any reason you fail, the re-test is absolutely free, but we won’t allow you to fail as with the training you will fully understand what to do and how to do it.