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Welcome to PCO Topographical Skills Assessment Test Centre  

Xclusive Chauffeuring have an accredited TfL approved PCO topographical skills assessment test centre which is located in Southall, West London.

Xclusive Chauffeuring have an accredited TfL approved PCO topographical skills assessment test centre which is located in Southall, West London.  Our topographical skills assessors have trained and assessed people from all over London who want to apply for their PCO Private Hire Driver Licence and become a chauffeur or minicab driver.  Whether you live in, Brentford, Ealing, Greenford, Hanwell, Hounslow, Osterley,  Uxbridge, North London, South London or East London lets us take care of all your PCO Licence process and help you in becoming a professional driver.

Completing your topographical skills assessment is mandatory as a pass certificate is required with your PCO licence application form. 

Our level of sophistication, support and convenience available to our clients sets us apart from the rest. Our test centre sets high standards which does not restrict our flexibility, we offer 24/7 classes including evening and weekends. We offer an astonishing range of services that caters for all your pco licence application needs, whether you need help with just your PCO application, need training or would just like to take the topographical skills assessment test. In every situation we can deliver them a helpful service, all in a relaxing atmosphere and for the best price possible. This is why we only offer a wide range of related chauffeuring services. .

Our aim is on conducting your PCO map test, so that you may pass with the knowledge and understanding you need to become a successful chauffeur or minicab driver. We test you by using maps to help you identify specific localities and then plan routes to different places on an AZ atlas covering Greater London and beyond. Your topographical skills test can be completed in just a couple hours, with as little as one hour booking notice but advance booking is always advised.

Topographical skills test is only required once and then you can apply and re-apply for your PCO licence as many times as needed.

Avoid delays with your PCO Licence application. Your own doctor may take long to give you an appointment as well as costing more than a private doctor provided by us.

Our PCO Medical package will only cost you £80 with a TfL approved doctor, you can call us to book your PCO Medical along with your topographical skills test. Let us help speed up your PCO licence application.



TfL PCO Licence Fee


Topographical Assessment Test




PCO Medical Check


Admin fee included 







PCO topographical skills Assessment Test Certificate


A2Z Maps/atlas provided


Same day Certificate


Free On-­Site Parking


Free Refreshments







A2Z Maps/Atlas & training material provided


Training , test & certificate on same day


Guaranteed Pass  

(free re-test)


Free On-­Site Parking


Free Refreshments







Full medical examination


Same day/next day appointment







(Topographical Skills Test NOT included)


Filling all the Required Forms


Carry out the online DBS (CRB) check on your behalf


Make all necessary photocopies of your documents